To my friends in Poland

GDB Impreza suspension design is progressing
Calculate the weight and center of gravity position while driving using the vehicle specifications and side view
(driver and navigator ,Fuel & Oil Fully loaded& spare tire installed)

Center of gravity is 1034mm behind the front axle Weight distribution 60:40
The front is heavy, but this is standard for FF-based 4WD.
The WRX STI’s sprung resonance frequency is 1.5Hz, which is an exemplary frequency for manufacturer mass-produced sports models.

I am designing this WRX STI’s suspension to be more maneuverable.
Of course, in a form that combines sufficient city driving performance and tarmac driving performance.

In the attached graph, the X-axis represents agility and stability, and the Y-axis represents ride stiffness.
I present three types of suggestions at the moment.

If you know the currently installing spring rate of the suspension , please let me know.
I would plot the current suspension on a graph and consider

The system I’m considering has three components: coil over suspension, sway bar, and monocoque damper.

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